Finally, a candidate pipeline you can rely on.

TalentShare evaluates thousands of peer-vetted candidates to match them to the precise requirements of your open positions.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) matches candidates to open positions

Our algorithm gets you.

We see beyond your roster of open roles. Our platform gains insights about your business, your hiring preferences and patterns and the trends that affect hiring for your business.

We automatically search our database of over one million active job seekers to find the right ones for your open roles. We deliver them into your ATS. Your workflow stays the same, but your pipeline grows with high-quality, carefully-matched applicants. TalentShare lets you focus on landing the perfect person rather than searching in a sea of unqualified resumes from job boards.

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TalentShare improves candidate communication for a better candidate experience

A better candidate experience lets you attract better talent.

Competition for talent is real. Successful talent professionals treat candidates like customers with timely communication. Their approach builds and protects strong employer brands that attract the highest quality candidates.

Automatic updates lead to stronger candidate engagement and a more seamless recruiting processes. Our smart candidate communication makes it easier to keep candidates engaged so you can close candidates faster.

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Pay it forward.

For every new hire there are several high-quality applicants that must be passed over. TalentShare lets you introduce rejected candidates to new opportunities within the network.

Soften rejections with introductions to other open positions on the network
TalentShare is less expensive than job board advertising

Put recruiting budgets to work.

You've spent thousands on job boards, reviewed hundreds of resumes, narrowed it down to ten finalists and finally closed the perfect hire. Why throw away the hard-won finalists you don’t hire? Share them on the network instead.

In return, you’ll have access to quality, peer-vetted candidates who weren't quite right for someone else. TalentShare lets companies reduce time-to-hire and helps candidates be matched to the right career opportunities. We let you skip job board ads and focus on building the team you need.

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