Shared candidates. Matched skills, intent and fit.

Our talent matching algorithm learns your unique recruiting patterns, understands your requirements, and accurately matches candidates so you can hire better and hire faster.
A network of companies, recruiters and candidates that share candidates they interview but don’t hire

Machine learning for more intelligent hiring.

The TalentShare algorithm gleans insights from your actual recruiting practices and quickly learns from the data you enter into the ATS at each stage of the process. Our matches are more intelligent from the start and get better with every candidate you consider.

Not only do we know you, we know the candidates. We’re able to match their skills, experience, education to your preferences and to the requirements of your open positions. Once a candidate opts into our network, the system evaluates job search activity and work history to identify signals about a candidate’s career intent and preferences.

TalentShare is a self-sustaining network of recruiters, companies and  candidates

A dynamic marketplace of quality candidates.

As a two-sided marketplace integrated with the top ATS platforms in use at thousands of companies, we have a broad view of the universe of active candidates in your area. TalentShare captures applicants from member companies that they consider, but don’t hire. With each new company that joins, the number of active job seekers in the network increases. Each time a position is filled, new top-tier finalists that weren’t hired become available to be matched to your open roles.

Integrated with your Applicant Tracking System

TalentShare is integrated with the top applicant tracking systems and can be easily configured by talent professionals and other users of the system. All that’s needed is the API key from the ATS. We’ll even show you how to get it. Once you have the API key, setup takes only a few minutes using our simple step-by-step instructions.

Once configured, the system pushes active applicants into your ATS workflow. Candidate emails, invitations and other communications are automatically triggered as the candidate’s status changes within the ATS during the recruiting process.

When you pass on good candidates, they are automatically given the opportunity to join TalentShare and be matched with other open positions in the network.

Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Breezy
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Greenhouse
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like JazzHR
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Jobvite
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like SmartRecruiters
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Workable
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Lever
Sensitive candidate and company information is completely secure on TalentShare

Privacy and security matter.
We get it.

There is a lot of competition for top candidates, and often the factor that wins the candidate is proprietary corporate information. We protect your sensitive data as if it were our own. Our platform is completely secure using the most advanced, and up-to-date cloud-based security solutions. All data is encrypted and is covered under our Privacy Policy. Candidates who are in active recruiting cycles are not matched to other companies’ open positions, and your corporate data is never shared with other members of the network.

Candidate privacy is also an extremely high priority. Candidates opt-in to participate in the TalentShare network before they’re ever matched with any open position. Then, they are required to actively consent to apply for any open role before their information is shared with a hiring company. Candidates can opt-out and request to have their data removed from the network at any time. All user data is encrypted, and user data is never sold or shared with unauthorized parties.