83% of adults say looking for a job is more stressful than a root canal.

We're bringing intelligent matching and transparency to the job search so you always know where you stand.

Find your match.

A job search can be stressful, time-consuming and inefficient. You need relevant information about job opportunities and potential employers before you apply. And, you deserve to know about your status as your application progresses through the recruiting process.

TalentShare is a network of talent professionals in leading companies and active job seekers like you. When you opt into our network, our algorithm matches you with open positions that fit your skills, experience and job preferences.

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The TalentShare application shows candidates open jobs that match their skills
The TalentShare application shows detailed information about open positions

You're in control.

Once you’ve been matched to an opportunity, we give you all the details including how many applicants are being considered, a quick analysis of your commute, and background on the position and the company.

Before you apply, you can update your resume and cover letter. Or, if you’re good to go, apply with one click. Your application will never be submitted without your permission.

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Just give it to me straight.

You've just applied to a great opportunity that looks like a solid fit. We give you visibility into the hiring process through our candidate dashboard.

TalentShare is integrated with the systems that talent teams use to track applicants. Your application goes directly into the recruiter’s workflow. Each time a recruiter or hiring manager updates the system, you’ll receive a notification and you’ll be able to track your progress on the dashboard.

If you don’t land the job, don’t sweat it. Our system matches you to similar open positions in the network. In addition, we’ll keep you informed about relevant new positions as they become available.

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TalentShare shows job seekers detail about the status of their application