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"The candidates we receive from TalentShare are highly qualified and added directly to our ATS, which saves tons of time and avoids the need to review unqualified candidates."
Peter Yewell, Co-Founder/COO
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  1. Once you connect your ATS to the TalentShare platform, we analyze information about your open roles so we can send you the best candidates that fit your requirements.

  2. Using AI we assess thousands of active candidates within the TalentShare candidate pool to find the right matches. We invite these candidates to apply to your open positions. When they do, we add them to your workflow in the ATS.

  3. Additionally, we improve the candidate experience by allowing any candidate that applies to an open role to track the status of their application. For more information about improving the candidate experience, visit our Job Seeker page.
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We protect your data as if it were our own. TalentShare uses the most advanced and current cloud-based security tools and protocols. Candidates who are in active recruiting cycles are not matched to other openings in the network. All candidate data and your corporate data is encrypted, and never shared.

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