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From Student to Company Rock Star: How to Communicate With Early Stage Job Candidates

Candidate Communication Series

The 2017 graduating class is now officially flooding the job market. And as companies attempt to tap into the unbound potential of these new graduates, I think it’s important to take a moment to consider how these grads communicate, in order to quickly grab -- and keep -- their attention in this competitive job market.

Winning the War for Talent Just Got Easier

Candidate Communication Series

Companies that win the best talent are the ones likely to produce the best products, build the strongest marketing and sales strategies and win in their markets. Yet, research shows that an average of 85% of candidates are rejected immediately, leaving only 15% of all candidates who are qualified and relevant.

TalentShare is gathering and normalizing data from multiple ATS platforms, and hundreds of companies with thousands of candidates

The Essential Function of Normalized Data in Today’s Talent Acquisition Process

Our mission is to improve the recruiting process for both companies and applicants. We believe data is foundational to successful recruiting, and that smarter use of data can shorten time to hire for talent professionals while improving the candidate experience for applicants. Data about positions, company hiring requirements, and candidates is contained in a company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Data scientists come from many different places

Your Next Data Scientist May Have Been A Banker or a Psychologist

The prevailing line of thought may be that it’s hard to find a well qualified data scientist coming from a background other than deep computer science, we contend it is possible. In fact, we're seeing this battle for data scientist talent play out in real-time in our talent sharing platform. Talented candidates can indeed be successfully hired from other industries.

Negotiate for what you deserve

Ask For It

Learning to negotiate and asking for what you want is a skill that any person, man, woman or child, can learn and perfect. You just need to try. It may be uncomfortable or even scary the first time you negotiate and ask for your value. If you get an answer that is less than optimal, pause. Perhaps, propose a creative solution that can work for you AND your soon-to-be employer.

Communication counts when looking for a job

Candidate Communication Matters

Recruiting is easier when companies cultivate positive candidate experiences. Communication is fundamental to positive experiences––even if the news isn’t good. Our research shows that 89% of all applicants are frustrated with the infrequency of communication during the recruiting process. In our on-demand, sharing economy, communication during the hiring process might be the single most important aspect of building and protecting a company’s brand with candidates.

Sharing economy influences the way hiring is done

Shared Sourcing is at the Center of the New Dynamic Workforce

The makeup of a company’s team dictates its ability to build superior products, dominate its market, and grow faster than the competition. Since the quality and skills of a team is the heart of a company’s success, finding the right candidates quickly and efficiently is critical.

TalentShare makes finding the right person for your open position easier

Welcome to TalentShare

TalentShare is a uniquely simple concept. Our name speaks perfectly to the community we are building for companies and candidates, where hiring the right person is easier and faster than ever. We enable talent professionals to leverage their collective sourcing budgets and recruiting processes to create a pool of qualified, available candidates.

New approaches are needed to find the best talent

Rethinking Candidate Sourcing During Hyper Growth

Talent professionals face high demand and a competitive marketplace. Economic growth is driving demand for skilled workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which are predicted to grow at nearly 10% each year through 2024. Demand for non-technical candidates is also high with 6.4% growth in demand yearly. Highly competitive markets like the Bay Area, New York and the Seattle and Portland areas, are showing even higher demand.

The sharing economy is affecting the way recruiting and sourcing is done

It's time for recruiting to join the sharing economy

How did sharing become such a powerful force in today’s economy? Technology has allowed for the disruption of inefficient markets, facilitated better use of assets and resources, and has resulted in dramatically higher productivity. Even with all this disruption, we’re still just beginning to realize the reach and benefits of the shift.

Hiring to scale is hard in a sea of resumes

Sales Hiring to Scale

As a sales executive in Silicon Valley, “hiring” and "scaling" are like peanut butter and jelly. And it’s like you are in second grade again, and that’s all your parents will make you for lunch for the entire year. Day after day. So buckle up and I hope you really like peanut butter and jelly.

Rejecting  candidates is hard

How to Handle Rejecting Great Candidates

Letting a candidate go is probably the most common thing a recruiter does. And let’s be honest – it’s a part of the job. Only one person can get the job but ideally as a recruiter and a hiring manager, you get the opportunity to see and speak to some great people. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to reject great candidates.